St. Paul Public Schools are back in session on August 19! I know our kids hate to think that school is less than one month away but that is the reality of the calendar. So, to give our kids something to look forward to, on August 21 Grace Church is hosting its AWANA Kick-Off! This will be a night to sign your kids up for the coming year of AWANA , meet their AWANA leaders, and enjoy a free meal at Grace Church! The first night of AWANA will be the following Wednesday, August 28. Questions? Contact Pastor Daniel at 754.4770.

To Our Grace Church Adults: We need you this year! We anticipate a greater number of AWANA kids than last year which means we need more adults volunteering in each age group. We need workers for pre-school, Kindergarten – 2nd grade, 3rd – 6th grade, and 7th – 12th grade teens. If you would be willing to help in one of these groups, please contact Pastor Daniel in the church office.