Update:  “New” secretary’s office


Update:  Finished product (Pastor’s office)

20200414_171832 20200414_171945 (1)

Moving everything back into the nursery will soon begin.  Check back later for those pictures!



Things have slowed down at church, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have people who are busy helping with new projects!! Our new nursery is almost completed–thank you, Barb Schmidt, for documenting that! Barb is very excited that the new nursery will have its very own restroom and a two way mirror for parents to be able to check on their children.   Thank you, Keith Harris, for overseeing all the projects! Thank you, Vicki Fellers, for painting! Thank you, Mark Lucht, for laying carpet! You guys did a wonderful job.  Base boards are up. Rooms are ready for occupation—other than moving all the stuff back in!! 🙂   These rooms look amazing!

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