We invite you to come adore Jesus with us this Christmas as we dive into Scriptures from both the Old Testament and the New that tell of Jesus’ life. We have put together a 31-day chronological plan just for you. We will walk you through prophecies about Jesus’ coming all the way to His Great Commission at the end of His earthly life. There’s just something about looking at these events in chronological order that opens your eyes to things you’ve perhaps not connected before.
Every day has a Christmas song or hymn that you can listen to as you color the day’s coloring page and reflect on what you read. We’ve also included guided reading questions to help you dig deep and really chew on the meaning of the text.
Our goal is for each of us to be a teacher in the Word. We want to be a family of teachers who dive deep into Scripture often to learn more about our Savior. What better time to dive into His Word than Christmas!
So…who’s with us? Are you, ? We hope so! We begin our plan December 1st!
Come join us this Christmas as we adore our Sweet Savior, Jesus.
You can purchase this on Amazon for $9.00. Get it now and catch up or just extend it into January. What a way to worship our Savior!