Plan on coming to the church February 17 at 10 am for our Secret Sister Reveal to see who has been praying for you and giving you gifts this year.  Please bring a brunch item to share.  If you would like to participate in next year’s Secret Sister program, but cannot come to the reveal, please see Eden Bear to get your sheet to fill out for the coming year.

Our focus this year is encouragement.  We all need encouragement to make it through our lives.  We want to cement a friendship with our sisters in Christ by focusing on praying and encouraging, and we would love to have you participate.  We have a new Facebook page for those who participate in the Secret Sister program. We ask you to fill out the Secret Sister survey so your Secret Sister can get to know you better. The very act of encouraging each other initiates a relationship, but knowing more about your Secret Sister enables you to encourage her more specifically. The survey should be filled out and back in Eden Bear’s mailbox by Sunday, February 25.  She will then distribute Secret Sisters on Sunday, March 10. While you can give gifts throughout the year, our goal is to simply have you put an encouraging note card (or a sticky note, for that matter) once a month (or more, if you desire) in your Secret Sister’s mailbox here at church letting her know that you are thinking of her and praying for her.  If you have a specific prayer request you want shared, give Eden Bear a note and she will get it to your Secret Sister.  Encouraging our fellow sisters in Christ is such a precious thing to God—and we need it more than we realize at times.  There is strength in numbers—let us pray and encourage one another this year through the Secret Sister program!

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

Matthew 18:20 (ESV)