Are you ready for control over your money and finances instead of letting them control and terrify you? Money isn’t mystical, it isn’t scary, it can’t control you if you know how to handle it wisely. Pastor Eric and Lura Townsend will be facilitating FPU again this year starting September 19.  They will meet every Monday night for 9 weeks from 6-8 pm in the community room at the St. Paul Public Library.  Light snacks will be served. Childcare (ages 0-6th grade) is available for those attending, provided by Grace Church, across the street at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church for $5 per child per night. With all the turmoil of these past few years, skyrocketing inflation, and the ridiculous price of everything; isn’t it time you got a handle on your finances and found peace in your wallet and your life? We want to help you find that peace. Scholarships are available if you would like to take FPU, but don’t feel you can afford it right now. Also, watch for a discount online, as in past years, they have offered a discount around school start-up time. Sign-up for our class at