“John: Testify!”

Personal stories can have a big impact on the hearer. The Scriptures use personal stories throughout to communicate biblical truths. Today, we’re going to hear a story from John the Baptist and learn how it impacted his perspective of Christ and be challenged to communicate our own story to others around us.

“John: Does Christ’s First Coming Really Matter?” Pastor Bear

Why should we care about what happened thousands of years ago? Was Christ coming to earth really such a big deal? If so, why? Today we’re going to look at John 1 and learn about several key clues that help answer the questions mentioned above and learn what it means for us today.

John: In the Beginning…

“In the beginning…” These three words are the first three words in the Bible and the first three words in the Gospel of John. Today’s sermon will discuss the “beginning” and Christ’s role before, during, and after time began.

“John: This Book Is For Everyone”

The Gospel of John lays out a theological treatise for Christ being God’s Son and the Savior of the world. Today we’re going to get a bird’s eye view of the book of John and learn some key facts that will help us as we study this book in the coming months.

“John: The Historical and Cultural Context – Pastor Daniel Bear

The Gospel of John is a powerful book describing how we can have a relationship with Jesus. Before we dive into the text of this book, we might find it helpful to know the historical and cultural context of these writings. Today’s sermon is going to help us understand the life and times of the […]

Snow Day Message, January 14, 2024

Today’s message is about a personal growth area Pastor Bear has been working on and a challenge for you to join him in making maturing followers of Jesus Christ.

“Do We Know What We are Doing?”


Most people have something they want to do different each New Year: Lose weight. Be more patient with people. Spend money better. Spend less time at work. Etc. The problem is seldom do these “resolutions” get met. We may start out strong but then life happens and we get discouraged and quit. Well, God wants […]

Why Did Christ Become a Man? Part 3

Every Christmas, Christians around the world celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth. But have you ever stopped to consider why Christ had to be born? This sermon series will address eight reasons found in the book of Hebrews for why Christ had to become a man and will challenge us to think beyond our traditions […]