The End is Near!

COVID-19, murder hornets, riots, plagues of locusts, earthquakes, political unrest, economic unrest, the breakdown of family, the decline in social morals: all of these point to something, but what? Is it possible we are living in the End Times? Today we are going to begin a study of the End Times and learn what God […]

Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

Have you ever wondered if there is anyone out there? And if there is, would they care about you? In today’s sermon we’re going to look at the “out there” and discover just how amazing it is that Someone really is there and really does care for you. Today’s video includes our worship songs used […]

I’m Tired of This!

I am ready to be done with this new “normal”. It is frustrating. It doesn’t always make sense. It is frustrating. It has forced some changes I don’t like. Did I mention it is frustrating? The good news is this. I’m not the only one who has struggled in times like these. In Psalm 63 […]

The Quarantine Superwoman

I am convinced that Proverbs 31 was written during a time of quarantine. I am also convinced it is written for all women, not just wives.  Instead of celebrating Mother’s Day with a traditional Mother’s Day sermon, I want to honor all of you women who during this time are being a Proverbs 31 woman!

Who’s In Charge Here?

Sometimes we need reminded of God’s power. Today we are going to look at Psalm 103 and remind ourselves of what God has done and what He is capable of doing.

I Know What Love Is!

Psalm 118 tells us what love is! And today we are going to praise God for His constant love for us, regardless of our circumstances.

We Can Boldly Go Where One Has Gone Before!

Have you ever really thought about why we dread death so much? I think it’s because of the unknown. What happens next? The great thing is this; the “unknown” is actually known. Today we celebrate one who went before us and blazed a trail into the great unknown, making it known to us and giving […]

Celebrating During Trials

The news today is depressing. Our country, our whole world, has a rough time ahead of us. On this Palm Sunday we’re going to spend time learning how we can celebrate God during times of struggle.