“John: One of These Is Not the Same, or are They?” Pastor Bear

You can find out a lot about a person when you compare what they claim to be able to do to what they actually do. Good investors make good investments. Humble people are actually humble. Today we’re going to look at some claims Jesus made and ask ourselves, “What do these claims tell us about […]

Devotional Service

We all things in life that need worked on, Today our Elders will be reading devotionals about things in our life that might need work or things that God does for a reason.

“John: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”


Sometimes doing the wrong thing has a negative impact on your life. Sometimes doing the right thing does as well. Today we’re going to look at two people who both experience a bad thing for opposite reasons and learn some life-lessons from both of them.

It’s Going to be Okay

Today we’re going to hear about a man who cried, ‘Lord, I need you!” We’re also going to be amazed at his response when Jesus said, “It’s going to be okay.” The end point will be a challenge to believe, even when we can’t see.

“John: Jesus Says, ‘I Have A Job For You”


Sitting on the sideline is easy. Watching and celebrating a good play can be exciting. However, being a follower of Jesus Christ requires participation. People say you can “do” church without being involved. God says, “You can’t be my disciple without getting involved.” In today’s passage, Christ throws out the challenge to His followers, “It’s […]

“John: Nic at Night, Part 2”

Truth can be hard to accept. It seems like we live in a world where truth is oftentimes ignored or attempted to be discredited. In today’s passage, we’re going to face a truth that percentage-wise, few want to accept.  But denial doesn’t change facts and we would do well to embrace reality for reasons that […]

John: Nic at Night


Have you ever had a late-night conversation with God over things you don’t like or understand? You would not be the first. Today’s account from the book of John follows the conversation a religious leader had with Jesus one night; a conversation that may not be very entertaining but definitely makes you think about life…and […]

John: The Problem With Easter

Some things around the Easter story are hard to understand. Today’s sermon is based on a conversation that foretold of Christ’s resurrection and was hard to understand when it happened and not a lot easier for many of us to understand today. Regardless, there is a lot at stake here and we would do well […]

“John: It’s Not About The Wine”


Jesus’ first miracle has caused consternation for some and great joy for others. But are the reasons for these emotions the point of this account? Today we are going to study Christ’s first miracle and try to determine if we’re missing the forest (the main point) for the trees (the secondary details).