Diagnosis of a Spiritually Sick Person


Paul has been describing how “sick” all of us are in Romans 1-2. In Romans 3 he gives us a final diagnosis; it’s stage four sin. All the x-rays show it. It’s spread from our tongue all the way to our feet. Denial isn’t going to change it. Doing good isn’t going to change it. […]

Are Religion & God Diametrically Opposed?

If our religious roots and customs don’t bring us closer to God, then what is the point of doing them and why are we judged for how we do them? In Romans 3 Paul addresses some of the thoughts many of us have about the fairness of God’s character related to our actions.  Today we […]

“The Common Ground Between Jews & Baptists” May 16, 2021


Being religious and being a Christian are two different things. Emphasizing your denomination rather than your relationship with God is being religious, not Christian. Focusing on doing the right things rather than being the right person is being religious, not Christian. In Romans 2, Paul makes it very clear that looking good does not make […]

“Respectable Sins” April 25, 2021


We all tend to categorize sins. We list some as worse than others. While we can find Biblical evidence to support this, sometimes our categories are based on personal feelings rather than Biblical truth. In Romans 1:28-32 we see where God lists a series of “lesser” sins, sins we sometimes excuse in our life and […]

“The Not-So-Good Exchange” April 18, 2021


The world says, “I was born this way!” God says, “That is not how I designed you!” Today’s sermon on Romans describes how man suppresses the truth about God and exchanges His design for our own desires. This results in unintended consequences allowed by God who lets us do exactly what we want to do.

I Was Born this Way

In today’s world we oftentimes here the phrase, “I was born this way!” People use it to support choices which at one time were not acceptable. Surprisingly enough, the book of Romans supports this statement…but not like you think. Today we are going to learn what Romans says about man’s natural tendencies and its affects […]