Seven Lessons Job Teaches Us About God


When life is unfair we oftentimes lash out at God. In the book of Job, we see where Job does this very thing. But in the last chapter it all comes together. Today we are going to look at this chapter and study seven things we can learn about God as Job’s tragedy comes to […]

Seven Lessons Job Teaches Us about Ourselves


The story of Job is hard to understand when you first read it. Job, the most righteous man on the earth, loses everything because of God’s challenge to Satan. The rest of the book is Job wrestling with the pain of his hurt. His friends are no help and it seems like God is silent. […]

Diagnosis of a Spiritually Sick Person


Paul has been describing how “sick” all of us are in Romans 1-2. In Romans 3 he gives us a final diagnosis; it’s stage four sin. All the x-rays show it. It’s spread from our tongue all the way to our feet. Denial isn’t going to change it. Doing good isn’t going to change it. […]

Are Religion & God Diametrically Opposed?

If our religious roots and customs don’t bring us closer to God, then what is the point of doing them and why are we judged for how we do them? In Romans 3 Paul addresses some of the thoughts many of us have about the fairness of God’s character related to our actions.  Today we […]