In the summer of 2017, The leadership at Grace Church dedicated a weekend for vision planning using the resource, StratOp. StratOp is a vision casting and implementation tool and it helps organizations such as ours as it aligns our people and resources around what matters, bringing focus to our operations, and releasing us to go after the highest-impact opportunities. StratOp helps us to close the gap between a big vision and our day-to-day action. It helps us accelerate our impact, by focusing on the right things today, to take us to where we want to go in the future. It’s more than just a one-time planning event. StratOp is a full system that moves from the big picture vision to practical action steps.

We were guided through this process by Jim Capaldo, our district Executive Minister with Converge Heartland. We are excited to announce on September 27, Jim is coming to spend Sunday morning with us and review the vision that was created three years ago and help us see the progress we have made and the action steps yet to take. This promises to be an exciting Sunday morning as we celebrate where God has brought us in just three years’ time and are challenged to continue pressing ahead. We hope you will make every effort to be part of this event.