This may come as a surprise to many of you, but Pastor Daniel loves bacon! He even owns t-shirts that share his passion for this magical food. He fully supports the theory that those who think bacon is bad for them should give up thinking. He has a list of key facts that relate to bacon:

  1. Bacon must always be stocked in the fridge.
  2. There is no food that does not go well with bacon.
  3. There are two kinds of people in the world; those who like bacon and those who are wrong.
  4. Bacon is delicious both crispy and chewy. Basically, bacon is delicious no matter how you cook it.
  5. 99% of the world’s problems could be solved with bacon.
  6. Bacon increases your attractiveness.
  7. Bacon has an IQ of over 200.
  8. It is impossible to consume less than one piece of bacon per serving.
  9. When in doubt, eat bacon.
  10. Meals without bacon aren’t worth eating.

In light of fact #10 and in support of our pastor, we, at Grace Church, invite you to join us for a Bacon Bonanza scheduled Sunday, April 28, at 5:30 pm in the sanctuary of Grace Church. All you need to join us in this evening of culinary delights is to bring an entrée, main dish, or appetizer with bacon as one of the ingredients. People’s choice prizes will be awarded to the best dish from each category.

The evening is free and we have room for 100, so invite your friends, your close family, and any others you know who enjoy eating balanced meals with only one main ingredient. (Adults only please; childcare will not be provided.)

Come join us and discover why our pastor says, “Bacon is good for me and you, but mostly me!”