September is the beginning of our second year of the pledge campaign. It’s exciting to see that after some delays because of rains, the addition is beginning to take form. We praise God!  As it does take form, there is a tendency to relax our pledge commitments as is evidenced by giving to the Building Fund during the first two weeks of September.

We have been approved for a $150,000 construction loan from the Equitable Bank of Grand Island ONLY TO BE USED IF NEEDED.  Nearly two-thirds of the necessary funds ($195,698) have been raised through pledging to date. As God blesses us individually, we encourage continued support giving to the Building Fund through our pledges. Then perhaps there would be no need to use a part of the construction loan.  We encourage continued giving by all through our pledges, and regular offerings (identified on your check or envelope “For Building Fund”).

To God be the Glory!