The deacons have been talking and we believe it is time, maybe even past time, to get together and do something fun. This October 2-3 we are planning a men and boys camping trip to the Schneider Ranch by Burwell, NE. You will be able to fish and eat camp food, hunt and eat more camp food, hike and eat snacks, and most importantly, fry bacon over an open fire and eat it barehanded. You can bring a tent, a RV, an ATV or even a Humvee, as well as your fishing and shooting gear and enjoy a weekend with you and your boys or just you and the other guys. If you don’t have any boys, I am sure someone would loan you one!

Cost is $10 per person; maximum of $30 per family. Checks should be made out to Grace Church with “camping trip” in the memo line.

RSVP by contacting Mark Lucht at 308.750.1641.

P.S. As further incentive, steaks are being provided for one of our epic, grilled-over-the-fire, eaten-without-a-napkin, calorie-laden meals! Hope you can make it!