April will see the end of AWANA for this school year. We will have two special nights for the youth in April. On April 5, we will watch the “Passion of the Christ.” If you have a teen, they should have brought a permission slip for you to sign to allow them to participate. This is an R-rated movie, due to graphic scene relating to the crucifixion, so we require parental approval for them to watch. On April 26 (the final night of AWANA), we will be doing a special activity night.

We have several events planned for the summer for the teens. We are still working out details for a May event, but we plan to attend the Christian Cross Festival in June, and we will finally be taking the teen tanking trip in July.

If you have any questions about the events, please see me.

Pastor Eric Townsend, 402-699-6064 or ericl.townsend@gmail.com