In Spring 2020, Pastor Daniel began to teach an Overview of the Bible class. This was part of his Senior Class project which he selected to do in order to earn his Master’s Degree. The class was 17 weeks long and focused on a brief background study of each book of the Bible. After doing all this work, it seemed a waste to only teach this class one time, so he is offering it again to anyone who would like to join.  We will meet each Sunday from 6-8 pm beginning October 3. Childcare will be provided if necessary. He has workbooks at a cost of $5 per workbook and he promises it will be a fun class although you may feel like you’re drinking from a firehose by the end of each night. We will cover topics such as the Naphilim from Genesis 6, the chapter in Isaiah that Orthodox Jews have removed from their Bible, concerns with the Five Tenants of Calvinism, and much more. We will also learn the books of the Bible in order and challenge one another to think critically about some difficult passages found in God’s Word.

If you would be interested in participating in this class, please contact the church office (308.754.4770) so we can be sure to have enough material printed for each participant.