Sermons by Pastor Daniel Bear

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“Romans: A Tale of Two Church Members”


In his closing to this lengthy letter written to the church at Rome, Paul describes two different types of people who can be found in any church. Some we know as saints. Others should be known as scoundrels. Paul greets the first and warns us of the second. This dichotomy is important for us to […]

Romans: Trusting God’s Promises in a Mixed Reality”


The passage we are studying today is almost a summary of the book of Romans: Christ became a servant, as God promised, so all could glorify God, be filled with hope and joy through faith, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. This passage reminds us that God will keep His promises and […]

“Are You A Burger King Christian?”


It’s easy to do what you want; to justify your own actions, and live by your own standards. It’s also easy to look down on others who aren’t living by your standards. The truth is, the Christian life isn’t like Burger King. You can’t, “Have it your way.” In Romans 14, God challenges all of […]

“Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy”


I think people tend to react to life in one of two ways: we either try to make things more complicated than they are or we try to make things easier than they are. Today’s sermon is going to speak to both types of people as we see how uncomplicated it is to live for […]

Cliffs Notes on Love – Chapter 2 – Pastor Bear


The Apostle Paul wrote the most books in the New Testament. He also wrote the longest sentence which is found in Ephesians 1:3-14 and has a 257 word count. In humorous contrast and using less than 80 Greek words, the Apostle Paul in Romans 12 teaches us all we need to know about how to […]