Sermons by Pastor Daniel Bear

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“Are You Investing In Futures?” Jan 17, 2021


Many of us like the idea of investing. We like to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, livestock, guns and/or bacon; whatever we think will be worth something in the future. The Bible is not silent on this topic. God tells us what we can do today with our money that will pay […]

Money, Money, Money – January 10, 2021


Churches don’t like talking about money. Pastors are scared to preach on it and the congregation is mad when he does. In fact, it’s easier to preach about heaven and hell than money. But money, and what we do with it, is important to God and it should be important to us. Today we are […]

Coronation Day – October 18, 2020


Today in our series on the End Times, we are going to learn some of what Church-age Christians will be doing during the Tribulation. We will also learn that what we do now will affect us when we finally get to meet Jesus.