As you may know, Grace Church is in the beginning  stages of a building project! The conceptual plans have been   presented and will be voted upon on July 16. If these plans are not approved we do not    anticipate walking away from this project. Instead we will go back to the drawing board (literally) and develop new plans based upon your feedback. With future expansions in mind, we the Capital Finance Committee, comprised of Jim Eslinger, Cherri Klinginsmith, RaNae  Edwards, Vickie Nielsen and Pastor Bear have scheduled a fundraiser banquet for August 18. This banquet will be for members and friends of Grace Baptist. During this event, pledge cards will be distributed, and each family will be asked to consider how much they can give/pledge to this project. The pledge cards will be collected a few weeks later during a morning service. If you have any questions about this banquet or the campaign in general, please contact any of the committee members. You will be notified by letter with further information about the banquet.