Due to medical reasons, our guest speaker, Vickie Nielsen, has asked that we postpone our women’s event until later in the summer/early fall.  So, if you have clothes that you would like to donate, but don’t want to hold onto them all summer, please drop them off at church, and we will store them for you!  More information to come as we get this event rescheduled.  clothes swap donation form

However, we are excited to announce we will still have an event on Saturday, June 26, from 1:00-7:30 pm.  We will be carpooling to Kearney to Ashley Kozeal’s (former attendee of Grace) Paint Paradise.  She offers a variety of options (see below), but needs to know in advance how many of each item she needs to have ready.  Please RSVP to Lynda Connell ((402.613.3356) so we know who is coming and what you plan to make.

The options are:  Glass Fusion (decorating a glass tile with colored glass chips which will be fired in a kiln)—$15-$30; Pottery (over 400 pieces to choose from—will be fired in a kiln)—$12-38; Door Hangers (lots of fun ones to choose from)—$30; or Canvas Painting (pre-traced designs)—$32.   Ashley has agreed to deliver anything that has to be fired in the kiln free of charge once it is finished.

After we finish our projects, we will eat out for supper and then carpool back to St. Paul.  Each lady will be responsible for her own costs for this event.