If you are 4 years old, you will be in the Pre-School room, just a few doors from the Nursery, where you will join the kids who are 5 years old.  Mrs. McNeff will be your teacher.

You in Grades 1-3 will meet in the first room down the hall in the new wing with Mrs. Phillips will be your teacher.  She has exciting things planned to help you learn more about Jesus.

Those of you in Grades 4-6 will meet in the room across from the Conference Room with Mrs. Fellers as your teacher.  Exciting times are ahead.

All Pre-School-6th Grade will continue the chronological study of the Bible using the Gospel Project Curriculum.

If you are in Junior High or High School, you will meet downstairs in the Youth Room with Pastor Eric as your teacher.

Women (18+)—you are invited to Empower with Kaleena Smith as your teacher.  You meet in the middle classroom in the new wing.  You are studying the book of Haggai with Jennifer Rothschild’s book Take Courage.

Young Adults will meet in the Bear’s Den with Pastor Daniel as your teacher.

Median Adults meets in the Sanctuary with Glenn Jares as teacher.

Senior Adults will gather in the Conference Room with Dennis Patrick as your facilitator.

Youth and all Adults (with the exception of Empower) will continue using the Bible Studies for Life Curriculum.