Every year Grace Baptist Church members vote on a  project to support through a special offering collected during the month of   November. On October 21 during our regular business meeting, the church family voted to designate this year’s Thanksgiving offering to be divided between two projects: 1). 10% of whatever comes in for this offering will go to our Faith Promise fund to support our missionaries. 2.) 90% of the offering will go to our newly established “sanctuary remodel” fund.  You may give to these projects by marking your offering envelope or check “Thanksgiving offering” during the month of  November.

Don’t forget, you can always give to funds that are already established.  Be sure to mark what fund you want your gift designated for:  “New Building” will go to the building addition; “Thanksgiving   offering” will go to the Thanksgiving projects; a “window fund” has been established for new windows around the church; and the “benevolence fund” is designed to help those who are in financial need.  If you have any questions about any of these funds, please contact Pastor Daniel or any of the deacons.