The Tuesday evening Bible study will resume soon.  They will be studying the book Joshua:  Winning the Worry Battle.  Combining inspiration, humor, and personal stories that   resonate across all ages, Barb Roose offers real encouragement for handling life’s concerns that cause us to struggle with worry, anxiety, fear, or even complete meltdown. Inspired by the book of Joshua, she equips you with Scripture-based, practical tools to bravely battle worry. Applying these tools will help you overcome your daily struggles and the bigger battles that we all face. Winning the Worry Battle provides examples of how God gave the Israelites victory over their enemies and generously blessed them. As you read their story, you too, can be victorious in your fight of faith so that we not only radically transform our own lives but also unequivocally impact society.

The Tuesday evening Bible study will begin Tuesday, September 7 from 7:00-8:30 pm.  See Kaleena Smith for more information.