Grace will once again participate in the Adopt-A-Family ministry this year.  We are helping one family with four children:  baby boy (size 6-9 months); boy (size 7-8); girl (size 10-12); girl (size 14-16); mother (size Large); and father (size Medium). On the slat walls, you will find 8.5 x 11 papers with tear-off edges on the bottom with the ages, grade, and sizes of each child (we will not have the parents listed, as they prefer gifts be directed toward the children).  We will also be providing some food items for them.  If you prefer to donate food, we ask that you put money in the jar on the shelf in the north entrance, or put your check in the offering marked “Adopt-A-Family.”  The deaconesses will then use it to purchase food so we are not doubling up on particular types of food.  Thank you for helping minister to those in need in St. Paul.  All gifts need to be given by December 19.