Thanksgiving is the time of year when we look back at all that our Lord has blessed us with in the past year.  One way to express our thanks is to participate in our Grace Baptist Church Thanksgiving offering.

In the past, our Thanksgiving offering was used to help pay for the addition onto our church building and other needs of the church.  This year, the church voted to use the offering to help support Haven Baptist Church in Haven, Kansas.  Haven Baptist Church is a new church to Converge Heartland and is now a sister church.  If you are thankful for all the Lord has blessed you with and would like to share in our Thanksgiving    offering, then please designate your offering to “Thanksgiving Offering” during any Sunday in November.  Thank you!

Don’t forget, you can always give to funds that are already established.  Be sure to mark how you want your gift designated.  “Thanksgiving Offering” will go to the Thanksgiving project; the “Benevolence Fund” is designed to help those who are in financial need; the “Building Fund” is for our next building; and the “Kingdom Fund” is for helping other churches in need.  If you have any questions about any of these funds, please contact Pastor Daniel or any of the deacons (Thomas Holmes, Glenn Jares, or Kelvin Smith).