On August 23, Grace Church is hosting our 2nd Biker’s Sunday for our area motorcyclists. The service will start at the regular time (10 am) but is scheduled to run a few minutes longerImmediately following the service the bikers will leave for a ride and will eat lunch after the ride.  Anyone from the church is welcome to join them if they want.   Rob Jaeger feels that more bikers will come if there is a ride planned afterward, so we are going to gear our service toward the bikers, but will not provide a meal for them this year.  Please be in prayer for this outreach. We are praying for at least 50 bikes and we ask that you would pray with us. This is a great opportunity for us to be agents of reconciliation. Pray too, that we would be able to see God work through us.

P.S. On the 23rd, we ask that you leave the north side of Baxter St. available for the bikers to park. The north curb will be the easiest and safest place for them.