Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Please Take Note!!

Sunday, September 1st is the time to promote.


Ms. Nancy is such a jewel,

She will be teaching the Pre-School!


There’s 12 in Grades One and Two,

We will divide them.  That’s what we’ll do!


Ms. Nelva will teach Grade One,

Grade Two will be taught by Mrs. Eckstrom.


Grades Three, Four, and Five will be combined,

Presently no teacher has been assigned.


Grade Six has no one enrolled,

At least that’s what we are told.


The Youth class continues to grow. Oh My!!

Soon we’ll have to divide into Jr. and Sr. High.


Adult classes will stay the same,

To keep on growing is their aim!


Now here’s the scoop!

You can always join a Sunday School group!


We look forward to what this year will bring,

And praise the Lord for everything!