We’ve never done an all-church camping trip before. We’ve taken the guys camping. We’ve had Sundays when we worshipped together outdoors. But we’ve never had a time when we invited the whole church to go camping. This past summer the deacons, while realizing that camping has little to with making mature followers of Jesus Christ, recognized its value in deepening relationships and reserved a campground for us to use Labor Day weekend – September 3-6. There is lots of space for tents and RVs (you may want to bring your own generator), there are a few beds available inside the mess hall, and there are some hotel rooms available in Brewster about seven miles from the campsite. If you want to join us, please let us know. Here are some details to help you with your planning:

Friday: No evening meal is being planned (there will be snacks).

Saturday-Sunday: All meals will be communal. The families will be asked to help cover the cost of these meals (it will be low-cost); more details to follow.

Personal snacks and drinks will also be your family’s responsibility to provide.

We will have access to a kitchen for cooking as well as an outdoor fire pit. We want this to be fun and yet practical. If you have any questions about what is available, please contact Pastor Daniel.

Planned activities:


Campfire talks

Rifle range for rifles, and/or BB guns

Sunday worship

Lots of free time with your family!

Hope to see you there!