Empower will be meeting for the first time on Sunday, September 12, during the Sunday school hour at Grace Church.  Empower, Living and Giving Life, is a women’s life group taught by Kaleena Smith.  The goal of this new ministry is to reach women of all ages and to disciple women into a living and active relationship with Christ. In learning to live a surrendered, abundant life in Christ, women will be inspired to build up and give life to people in their own homes, work environments, communities, and church.  God’s Word will be our priority and we will supplement our studies with the book, Surrendered: Letting Go & Living Like Jesus by Barb Roose.  Every woman joining the class will receive a free copy of the book and an  Empower journal.  If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the class, please call or text Kaleena (308.754.8363). ☺