On September 12, we launch a new ministry event to our community. Each quarter of the school year, the Howard/Greeley County Ministerial Association will be presenting an educational/training seminar that is free to the community. They will be providing a meal and/or snacks and drinks to all attendees as well as experts who will teach on the topic of the evening. This first seminar is about recognizing the signs, symptoms and behaviors associated of depression and suicide, as well as teaching steps to help prevent them. Region 3 and CNCAA (Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism And Addictions) are partnering with the ministerial association to provide the trainers. There will be two separate seminars going on simultaneously: one for youth (JR/SR High) and one for adults. With all of the tragedy that has been present in our community related to depression and suicide, we felt it was an important training for our community. This event will take place at Grace Church starting at 6 pm on September 12, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please pass along this information to your neighbors, teachers, friends and family members. If you do plan to attend, please email eric@stpaulgrace.org with an estimate of the number attending with you, as we would like to prepare enough food. Thank you for your support as we work out the details of this new ministry.