Sermons from December 2021

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Sammy from Galilee

Sammy will be speaking about his first hand experience of life in Bethlehem.

Gotta Serve Someone – December 12, 2021


Bob Dylan nailed the essence of the spiritual battle: “You’re gonna have to serve somebody.” It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are; how privileged or underprivileged you are; all of us “gotta serve somebody.” In Romans 6, Paul, in no uncertain terms, challenges us to stop serving sin and serve God instead.

We’re Free! Now What? – Pastor Daniel Bear


We would never say this, but many of us live as if being free is harder than being enslaved. Rather than embrace the choices we can make because of freedom, we go back to what we once knew because it is comfortable. Paul warns us about this and advocates for living the new life available […]