Sermons from July 2023

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Marriage is Designed to be Fun!

This is the first part of a two-part series from Proverbs on marriage. Marriage is much more than what we’re talking about today but what we’re talking about today does affect marriages so buckle up as we talk about what the Bible says about intimacy. When was the last time you heard from someone, “I […]

Proverbs: Run Forrest Run! (Caution – Adult Themes and Content)


CAUTION – Sermon contains adult themes. Parents are suggested to review before allowing younger individuals to watch. As we’ve already discussed, Proverbs deals with some tough topics. Sexual sin is one of those topics. Today we will be looking to Proverbs, and other passages, and be challenged to “flee from sexual immorality.”

Daffy Duck Said It Best


Sometimes, things just need to be said. Within the collections of sayings from Solomon that partially makes up the book of Proverbs, we find many times where Solomon said things that needed be said. Today we’re going to consider seven things that God finds despicable which all of us need to make sure are not […]