Sermons from April 2022

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“Three Men & A Cross!”


During this Easter message we will consider two men who experienced the exact same thing alongside Christ and yet came to wildly different conclusions based upon their perspective, or interpretation, of the event. As we consider Christ, we will be challenged to ask, “Which man am I?”

“The Dread Pirate Roberts Nailed It”


The Dread Pirate Roberts affirms Christ’s words when he says, “Life is pain…!” Nothing helps us through moments of pain more than knowing we are loved. In Romans 8, God, in His wisdom and in the context of suffering as believers, reminds us of how great His love is for us; regardless of what we […]

“Is Your Theology ‘False News’?”


Some have said the three most important things to biblical interpretation are: Context, context, context. Today’s passage illustrates the necessity of context for proper interpretation of God’s Word and it highlights how quickly one’s theology can go sideways if context is ignored.