Sermons from October 2023

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Proverbs: Channeling Mr. Rogers – Pastor Daniel Bear


Mr. Rogers taught us the value of being a good neighbor; a good friend. As a Presbyterian minister, much of what he taught was also represented in Scripture. Today we’re going to reverse engineer some of his lessons and learn how Proverbs speaks to the foundational truth behind the question: “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Proverbs: Lessons from the Three Little Pigs

Church should be welcoming and offer a safe place for everyone. But sometimes discernment is needed. Proverbs gives us wisdom as it helps us identify and deal with those who might be dangerous to the “safety” a church should provide.

There’s Silver Everywhere!


Most of us dread getting older, though I believe the alternative is worse. In today’s sermon we are going to learn the biblical value of the aged as well as how the younger and the older should relate to each other.

Proverbs: Sticks and Stones


“Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Can a phrase be more wrong? Today in Proverbs we are going to learn just how damaging our words can be and we’ll be challenged to use our words in a God-honoring way.