Sermons from June 2023

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What Happens In Your House Matters!


The issue of discipline is one very few of us want to talk about and when we do, opinions and personal preferences take over. Today’s sermon will examine the topic of discipline as recorded in the Bible and will teach us skills we can use when it comes to discipline in our own home.

Proverbs: What Kind of Man Are You? – Pastor Bear


Today is Father’s Day. Today we’re not going to talk about what makes a good dad, we’re going to talk about what to avoid to help become a wise man. Proverbs 6 is the primary text, wisdom (knowledge for skilled living) is the target, and successful manhood is what’s at stake.

Everything is NOT Awesome!

We live in a time where what is right and wrong is being turned on its head. Things that we once abhorred are now being lauded. Proverbs warns us about this and tells us to stop being gullible; stop believing what the mainstream culture wants us to believe. Wisdom (skilled living) comes from God and […]