Sermons from February 2023

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“Romans: A Tale of Two Church Members”


In his closing to this lengthy letter written to the church at Rome, Paul describes two different types of people who can be found in any church. Some we know as saints. Others should be known as scoundrels. Paul greets the first and warns us of the second. This dichotomy is important for us to […]

Turning Vision Into Reality

In his letter to Rome, Paul concludes with the longest closing remarks found in any of his letters. The closing segment we’re looking at today teaches us principles we can apply to our own lives as we make plans for our future.

Romans: Trusting God’s Promises in a Mixed Reality”


The passage we are studying today is almost a summary of the book of Romans: Christ became a servant, as God promised, so all could glorify God, be filled with hope and joy through faith, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. This passage reminds us that God will keep His promises and […]

Giving Out Spiritual Darwin Awards Is Not The Church’s Goal!

In Romans 15, God is very clear that we are to help each other; especially those who are “weaker” than we are. Our goal shouldn’t be to wean them out, give them a spiritual “Darwin Award,” and be glad they’re gone. In other words, we need to stop eating our young! Instead, our goal should […]