Sermons from July 2022

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“The Buck Stops . . .Where?”


Responsibility isn’t something many of us want. In fact, it seems like responsibility is shirked more than accepted. Those who are willing to take it are viewed as the exception, not the rule. As we grow to spiritual maturity, we need to realize that God has a responsibility for us as well. Today’s passage addresses […]

“Is Confession Necessary for Salvation?”


Today’s sermon is going to remind us when our interpretation of a Bible verse contradicts other Bible verses, it’s our interpretation that’s the problem.  We’re also going to be challenged by what God desires (not requires) from all who believe in Him.

It’s Independence Day! …or is it?


The 4th of July is a time when we celebrate our independence. But is independence something that is truly our right? Is it what God created us to be? In today’s sermon we will study what the Bible has to say about this topic and be challenged to consider a life of interdependence rather than […]