Sermons from March 2021

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Paul’s Longing; Our Lessons – 3/28/21


In writing to the church in Rome, Paul says he “longs to be with them.” In this context, he describes several reasons why he wants to be with them, reasons that provide several lessons which are still valid for us on Palm Sunday, 2021.

Romans: Truth Hurts – 2-27-2021


Studying God’s Word is good. Sometimes our studies will take us to passages which people say are no longer relevant for today which leads to rejection of some of God’s word. Romans is full of these types of passages. To help prepare for this tension, today we are going to establish our basis for discovering […]

Paul & Mr. Rogers March 14, 2021


Mr. Rogers in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood always told who he was speaking to and the purpose of his show: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” His purpose always led into the lessons of his iconic tv show. The Apostle Paul does the same thing in the book of Romans. Today we are going to learn why […]