Sermons from March 2024

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John: The Problem With Easter

Some things around the Easter story are hard to understand. Today’s sermon is based on a conversation that foretold of Christ’s resurrection and was hard to understand when it happened and not a lot easier for many of us to understand today. Regardless, there is a lot at stake here and we would do well […]

“John: It’s Not About The Wine”


Jesus’ first miracle has caused consternation for some and great joy for others. But are the reasons for these emotions the point of this account? Today we are going to study Christ’s first miracle and try to determine if we’re missing the forest (the main point) for the trees (the secondary details).

John: Do You Remember When?

Good or bad, some memories stick with us. In today’s sermon, we will study an account written by the Apostle John about two specific days that stood out in the memory of some of Christ’s disciples and how the conversations, and decisions, of these two days are similar to what many of us experience even […]