Sermons from August 2022

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“This Is It!”


The first 11 chapters of Romans has taught us some amazing theology but now we’re about to switch gears and be challenged by what God wants us to do as a result of this new knowledge. In essence, we’re hitting the “So What” section of the book of Romans and it WILL challenge us!

Ernest Hemingway Was Right!

God’s actions don’t always make sense to me. Today’s sermon gives me hope as I am reminded that some things will always be a mystery to me but never out of God’s control.

This Must Be Frustrating to Satan


I believe there are times when we make choices that Satan thinks is going to stop, or at least hinder, God. But God always has a plan to use our choices for His glory (which must frustrate Satan beyond belief). This is illustrated in a powerful way in Romans 11 as Paul describes what God […]

“Do You Feel Like You’re in the Reject Pile?”


Paul asks two questions in Romans 11: “Has God rejected His people?” (11:1), and “Did they stumble in order to fall [beyond recovery]?” (11:11). Today’s message will address the first of these two questions and will remind us of the heart of God and the depth of His mercy.