Sermons by Pastor Daniel Bear

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Coronation Day – October 18, 2020


Today in our series on the End Times, we are going to learn some of what Church-age Christians will be doing during the Tribulation. We will also learn that what we do now will affect us when we finally get to meet Jesus.

“The Day the Polls Close!” – Nov 8, 2020


The Battle of Armageddon is over! Human government as we know it will now cease to exist. Today we are going to learn what comes next in regards to Satan, unbelievers and believers who have survived the Tribulation, and the new government that will hold no elections!

October 4, 2020 “The Not So “Super” Bowl”


NFL teams are anticipating the coming Super Bowl. We are anticipating “The End”. Today we are going to look at the final series of judgments, the “not so super bowl”, God is going to release on the earth during the Tribulation and evaluate whether we are preparing correctly.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Part 3


The antichrist is real and he’s worse than any movie has tried to portray him. Today we are going to study the antichrist of Revelation and learn what the world should expect from this person controlled by Satan himself.